One of my favorite paintings in the series, "Earth" is the result of experimentation and layering to create depth and mystique. By connecting the textured elements I was able to create a sense of transformation. The broken pieces reminiscent of tectonic plates on the top right part of the painting are in a way flowing together to form a new, glimmering entity on the bottom left of the painting.

The painting reminds me of destruction of the old and using the pieces to create something new.
In today┬┤s context of social and climate change, it serves as a reminder of the importance of not only preserving our environment but also creating new beauty for the next generations to come.

I asked Reddit what people see in my painting and the comments were so diverse and interesting. 
Below you can see what happened when I entered them into an AI image generator. The "Tales of Texture" continue to grow and the stories keep on expanding.