April 2024

"Tales of Texture"

(working title)

A new series of textured paintings is coming soon! 

Check out the early sneak peeks of the process below. 

How can I add more texture to a canvas? 

Paste on plastic - it´s fantastic! 

I already made a few paintings by attaching bits of torn canvas from other art onto paper to add more texture. I wanted to repeat this technique, but without tearing canvas. Instead, I layered down texture paste onto a plastic sheath.

Adding color

A few days later, once it was fully dry, I started adding color. I used a color palette I thought would compliment the original painting and used acrylics, water-soluble crayons, liquid acrylics.. anything I could find in my studio. 

Satisfying peel

When I was happy with the colors, it was time for the most satisfying part - peeling the sheet of textured paste from the plastic backing. It easily came off in one firm piece, which I was super happy with.  

Pull apart & reassemble

From one - many

From there, the next step was to tear up the large piece into smaller bits. I was focused on not overthinking this part to much, going with the flow and creating irregular tears. I wanted the pieces to be organic and natural-looking.

Mosaic effect

I ended up with differently shaped and sized pieces, which together formed an interesting mosaic. Reassembling the pieces to lay like this took me a lot more time than I had expected! 


The best part is yet to come - assembling the pieces on existing paintings! This is a meditative practice for me, as I contemplate each placement. The process can take me a few weeks for each painting, and this series of paintings will be something very special. 

Finished paintings coming soon! 😉