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Featured painting of the month

Starting from January 2024, I will be featuring a different painting every month to share with you  the story behind the art, parts of my creative process & my struggles and learnings.
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January 2024


Mixed media on canvas; 30x40 cm; 2023

This very special piece is a memory and tribute to the first time I shared my art in public and fostered a collective co-creation moment by inviting  the audience to join in on the process. 

February 2024

The Observer

Mixed media on canvas; 29x29 cm; 2023

 A colorful reminder about the importance of observing our thoughts, instead of judging them, latching on to them and allowing them to define our actions.

This piece initially started off as a very different idea (called "The Judge"), but the direction changed as the idea developed. 

March 2024


Mixed media on wood; 47x47 cm; 2023

Art can be as deep as the psychological questions explored within the layers of paint absorbed into this piece...
or it can be as simple as: "this piece looks interesting to me; I like to look at it and be absorbed into it". 

April 2024

Tales of Texture

New series of art is coming soon but you can already check out a sneak peek of the early process below!