Mixed media on canvas; 40x30cm; 2023




Mixed media on poster canvas (upcycled canvas); 50x50 cm; 2023


About Spring: Consisting of many layers of texture, this painting is one of my absolute favorites. It is a visualization of my main intention while making art - to discover layers of myself through layers of paint. A real attention magnet, this painting surprises with new discoveries within each one of it´s colorful details.


Fall of the Wall

Mixed media on canvas; 30x40 cm; 2023

Not for sale 

About Fall of the Wall: We sometimes have a façade that we hide behind when we feel uncomfortable and don't allow ourselves to become vulnerable by being our authentic selves. With this painting I wanted to depict the crumbling of my own personal wall, and the revelation of my true, colorful, messy, imperfect and human self. 

Field of Dreams

Acrylics on wood, 28x35 cm; 2022


Textured Trio

Mixed media on canvas, 30x30 cm; 2022
Not for sale